SHOWS: The Maske Experience


Maske is the leading group in Australia, USA, India and the Middle East performing classical-pop music exclusively on Yamaha Silent Electric instruments. This show has been specially designed as a high impact spectacle of lights, costumes, glamour and intense musical virtuosity!

These highly trained performers are currently blitzing the corporate scene with their versions of the virtuoso classics. Their repertoire includes hot arrangements of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”, Explosive, Samba and their own original classics by Sean O’Boyle.

Watch these girls: “Maske is a shapely girl trio of electronic violin players who’ve been buzzing the town big time. They not only look swish, they sound hot and move like weapons of mass seduction.”

~ Ken Lord, The Sunday Mail

MASKE Show Options

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Main Show

Maske performs with orchestral backing tracks professionally arranged. These are full of high impact and designed to turn heads. The tracks include some of the classical music’s greatest hits as well as fresh classical-pop treats.

The electric string show sets are very flexible ranging in length from two minutes (1 track) to two hour sets. The shows are full of high-impact virtuosity & choreography, fused with glamour, which is why Maske is dominating the world’s stages.

MaskeCiscoMaske & Collaborators

Maske has successfully added a range of different artists to their shows which include percussionists, acrobats, vocalists, fire twirlers, drummers, dancers, DJs and more.

A great effect is created and makes for an even more high impact show.

MaskeCarolsbeachMASKE with Live Musicians

Maske loves performing LIVE and when possible they absolutely love to perform with a live band right up to a full orchestra. Charts are available for any combination.

Taking advantage of the live musicians can also add many options throughout your event.

“Maske had the “Wow” factor written all over them. All of the staff and guests were dazzled and completely blow away by the talents of these three lovely ladies. They were absolutely mesmerizing from the moment they came on stage until they left.”

~ Koen Rooijmans
Managing Director & CEO, Brisbane Airport Corporation